Boat optimisation and Rating optimisation

As a specialist for high-quality boat and yacht supplies, we do not only sell equipment, fittings, sails and rigs, we also offer the “Tactix optimisation service” for cruising and race boats.

You want to optimize your boat, improve the handling or get more performance out of your boat?

We offer to come a board your boat, sail with you and give advice on possible or necessary changes or alterations.

Often little changes, like a different mechanical purchase system, different ropes or an additional cleat, can achieve a big improvement.

Regatta racing with the ORC formula is one of the fairest possibilities to allow different type yachts to race each other.

The ORC rating is based on technical measurements of the yacht und the sails, which give a theoretical speed for different courses.

The ORC formula is complex and slipping holes are closed very fast in order to guarantee the fairness in the races.
However, especially on serial yachts there is often big space for improvement, here little changes can improve your ORC rating a few seconds per mile.

We offer to check through your measurement papers, come a board and show you different possibilities to improve your rating.

Optimize your boat!

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