Code-O Beilken

Originally the code-0 was used on the Volvo Ocean Racers, it was planned to be a measurement trick between genoa and gennaker. Nowadays the code-0 is used on regatta and cruising boats and has become an important addition to the usual sails.

Especially on boats with a little, not overlapping headsail there is no real alternative to the jib in light winds, so a big sail is needed that can give the boat some extra power and speed.

The code-0 is hoisted using a free-flying furling system, so that it is easy to handle even with a little crew.

In the luff of the code-0 a special antitorsition line is worked into the material, which guaranties easy and clean furling of the sail.

A code-0 is made for wind speeds of 0-14 knots with an angle of incidence from 45 to 110 degrees.

Beilken code-0’s are made from high-quality Dimension Poliant Tissues, which where specially developed for the the code-0. The code-0 manufactured in radial cut which guaranties perfect stand and performance of the sail.

We deliver the code-0 ready mounted on furling systems from Facnor, Furlex, Bartels and Harken.

Beilken racing code-0’s can be optimized, to give you the perfect IMS-, ORC-, ORCi-, or IRC rating-performance ratio.

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