Electro-mobility on the water is getting more and more important. On many lakes the use of fuel engines is not allowed anymore, with many more to follow.

The electro motors from Torqeedo are a very good alternative to the usual fuel engines.

In the past electronic motors had a short range before having to be charged again and the batteries where so heavy, that they where unattractive, especially for sailors.

Torqeedo’s innovative battery technology makes the electro motors interesting for sailors, due to the high efficiency. The times of permanently having to fix the fuel motors, the smell on board and the mess when refuelling are over.

Torqeedo Ultra Light motors can power canoes and kayaks. Boats up to 2 tonnes can be powered by the elegant Torqeedo Travel models with exchangeable batteries and a weight of under 15 kg with battery. Boats up to 4 tonnes, and smaller boats that need a higher range can be powered by the Torqeedo Cruise models with external batteries. These can reach working times of 8 to 12 hours. The Torqeedo Deep Blue has 40 HP (29,8 kW) or 80 HP (59,6 kW), this makes it possible to go water-skiing or even power commercial ferries.
All Torqeedo motors and batteries can be combined with solar panels which are very efficient recharging and powering the

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