Beilken Gennaker

The gennaker or asymmetric spinnaker is as the name gives away, an asymmetrical cut spinnaker.

Its tack is attached to the gennaker-boom, bowsprit or a metal fitting on the bow and both sheets are attached to the clew.

The big advantage of the gennaker towards the spinnaker is the simple handling for hoisting, tacking and taking the sail down.

Most modern yachts, sportboats, dinghies and skiffs today are equipped with a gennaker, and only with this reach their maximum speeds.

Compared to the spinnaker, the gennaker is not sailed “dead-on downwind” except for very heavy weather. You rather sail reaches to generate more speed and jibe your way down the course, a bit like tacking on the up wind.

The operating range of the gennaker is for wind angle of incidence from 90 to 160 degrees depending on the cut, the material and the processing of the sail.

The ideal angle of wind incidence is approximately 120 degrees.

To make the handling of the gennaker even easier, the gennaker can be equipped with a top-down furling system.
This simplifies the hoisting and taking down of huge gennaker that sometimes take a long time to pack, this makes the gennaker more attractive for small crews on big boats.
Beilken gennaker are made from high-quality Dimension Poliant or Contender tissue, they have a radial cut which guaranties perfect stand, performance and long liveability.


Beilken Spinnaker

The symmetrical spinnaker is still the most important and widely spread downwind sail. It is sailed with two loose leeches, which fly in front of the boat. On the windward side the sheet is attached to the spinnaker pole, which its self is attached to the mast. The spinnaker covers the biggest range of wind angle of incidence on the downwind.

In light air conditions the spinnaker can be sailed for wind angles from 90 to 180 degrees.

Beilken spinnakers are made from high-quality Dimension Poliant or Contender tissue.

They have a radial cut which guaranties perfect stand and performance.

Beilken racing spinnakers can be optimized, to give you the perfect IMS-, ORC-, ORCi-, or IRC rating-performance ratio.

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