Installing and calibrating yacht electronics


Next to selling yacht electronics, Tactix Yachting Solutions also has as an installation service for boat and yacht electronics.

We deliver and install navigation electronic, instruments and whole systems of. Our installation service can also be booked for other electronics.

Here is a small selection from our repertoire:

One of our specialities is linking yacht electronics to laptops, tablets, computer or smartphones. For this, a private WLAN network is built, through which your laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone can receive all available NMEA signals, which can then be used on the device with a special software.

The installation, the start-up and the calibration of boat and yacht electronics is calculated in hourly rates.

On many modern serial built yachts a vast amount of electronic devices and instruments are built in. These instruments show all kinds of data (wind, speed through water, speed over ground etc.) and the resulting mathematical values (true wind, VMG etc.).

But we have noticed that on most yachts the electronics are calibrated wrong or not at all. This leads to wrong measuring data and following from that, wrong mathematical values.

The team of Tactix Yachting Solutions offers to come aboard your boat to calibrate your electronics and shows you how you can do it on your own next time.

Do not know whether red or black? Book now our installation service!

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