Nautica 450

The Nautica 450 takes a modern and smart approach to design. It’s a dinghy with skiff characteristics. The concept is an easy-to-handle dinghy that gives the same sensational feeling on the water as a 505 or skiff.

It gives sailors of all ages the chance to experience their thrilling moments. Modern solutions allow the achievement of high speeds without much effort or through use of many complicated controls.
The N450 features simple handling, uncomplicated rigging, a tidy and spacious cockpit, a higher free board and much more space under the boom. It’s easy and fast to rig, transport, and of course, self-draining.
The N450 is offered in two versions – Fun and Race. All information on Nautica Boats, photos and videos can be found on

Tactix Yachting Solutions represents the Nautica in Germany, promoting and marketing the Nautica 450 through trade shows, online and events.

Nautica 450 Race

The Nautica 450 Race guarantees ultimate fun and offers unforgettable experiences and breath-taking speeds.

It comes with a 20 cm higher double spreader rig from Selden, whereby the top spreader pair can be trimmed from the cockpit through a diamond stay system.

These diamond stays help absorb the force/pressure of the larger main sail and  the top rigged  gennaker, making it possible to have a larger sail area.

Länge                                      4,50m
Breite                                       1,92m
Tiefgang                                  1,20m
Rumpfgewicht                       95kg
Gesamtgewicht                      125kg
Großsegel (durchgelattet)   9,8m²
Vorsegel (gelattet)                4,7m²
Gennaker (top)                      21,8m²
CE                                             C
Kapazität                                 1-3 Pers.
Level                                        Anfänger-Pro
Preis                                         ab 9650,00€

Nautica 450 Fun

The Nautica 450 Fun is the start into the world of fast sailing for everyone.

It’s outfitted with a single spreader rig from Selden and delivered with a fully battened mainsail, battened foresail and a 7/8 rigged gennaker.

The boat is simple and fast to setup and sail, and the smaller sail area is well suited for beginners and lightweight crews.

Länge                                    4,50m
Breite                                    1,92m
Tiefgang                               1,20m
Rumpfgewicht                     95kg
Gesamtgewicht                    125kg
Großsegel (durchgelltet)    8,3m²
Vorsegel (gelattet)               4,7m²
Gennaker (top)                    18,2m²
CE                                           C
Kapazität                               1-3 Pers.
Level                                      Anfänger-Pro
Preis                                      ab 9300,00€

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