Tactix Yachting Solutions offers a wide variety of rigging-technics, furling systems, masts and booms for dinghies, sport boats and yachts.

We sell, deliver and mount:

Booms & Masts

Masts, Booms, Spinnaker and Gennaker poles made of carbon and aluminium from Selden, Sparcraft and Pauger Carbon.

Shrouds and Stays made of 1×19 shroud cable, Python shroud cable, Dyform, Rod shrouds or PBO with rolled terminals fitting your standards.

Of course we also offer help with putting your mast up and finding the right trimm.

One of our specialities is the making, delivery and mounting of backstays and running backstays made of Dyneema, Vectran or PBO.

In most cases runners made of cable are easily to be replaced by Dyneema runners.

Dyneema runners are not only lighter in weight and smooth than cable, they also protect the sail more, because they rub less and don’t leave any marks on the sail.

For many one design classes, for example Dragon, we have ready made backstays and runner backstays made of Dyneema. These you can buy in our one design online shop.

For all other yachts, sport boats and dinghies we can produce all this fitting your needs and wishes.

For further questions about our furling systems, booms and masts you can feel free to leave us a message.

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