Trimming the Rig

Tactix Yachting Solutions have a lot of experience in rig-trimming, from cruising and regatta yachts up to one-design classes.

We have the right tools and measuring equipment’s that are needed to trim boats and yachts from 4 to 20 meters of length.

We offer to come to your boat and trim your Rig, we check the state of your of your shrouds, stays and terminals and show you how you find our optimum trim in future.

Ask for a appointment by Phone or E-mail or just ask for a noncommittal offer.

In contrast to the wide spread delusion, loose rigs would protect the hull, a loose rig can actually cause more damage than a too tightened rig. The power that acts on the hull is not reduced by loose tension on the rig. Even though the static power on the hull is less, the forces acting in the dynamic state increase massively.

Too little tension on the rig acts negatively on the hull and rig, because of abrupt build up of pressure whilst manoeuvring, which causes the slack of the rig to be pulled out abruptly. The tension on the shrouds is very important, because the curve of the mast is used to trim the shape of the mainsail in different wind conditions.

The curve of the mast also affects the shape of the headsail because the curve of the mast affects the tension on the forestay. Good sailors gain a big advantage because they can recreate their perfect trim anytime.

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