IMG_8889 In our fast and hectic World nowadays there is often only very limited time to enjoy your hobbies and follow your passion. 
Therefore good service is more important than ever before. 
Our service will help you to spend more precious time enjoying you hobby with less worries about preparation and maintenance.

What we do for you:

  • We check and trimm your rigg, crane you boat, put the mast up or down and attache your sails.
  • We calibrate your yacht electronic systems for precise data and best results.
  • We service and repair your existing furling system and install new furling systems where necessary or wanted.
  • We help you get to know your new yacht and its operations to ensure maximum comfort and confidence when you use your new yacht for the first time.
  • We sail with you and help you to find the best trimm for your rigg and sails. Furthermore we are happy to teach you easy and save handling for sails like spinnakers, gennakers and Code-0.
  • We organise transport for boats and yachts.
  • We can fill gaps in your racing crew or organize a complete racing crew with experince and competence.
  • We offer a high quality splicing service for all kinds of yacht ropes.

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Our Service Services we charge from our normal hourly rate in 1/2 hour. Materials needed is calculated at market prices. Any travel and accommodation costs are settled by entstandenem effort.