Splicing works

Tactix Yachting Solutions is a specialist in the sale of and the processing of high-quality ropes for all purposes.

We offer ropes from:

Splicing preserves a big part of the original breaking load of a rope, where as a knot like the bowline knot reduces the breaking load by up to 60%.

Especially with high-strength Dyneema ropes, connections, loops in ropes or tapering should be spliced, otherwise the special features of the rope (high breaking load, light weight, flexibility) are lost.

Tauwerk Profi

Tactix Yachting Solutions offers a wide variety of splicing works, in different rope constructions, for example:

  • laid rope
  • braided rope
  • modern rope from core
  • modern rope from cover

Mainly the standard splices like loop-splice, endless-splice or tapering-splice are used. Next to these we also offer special splices, for example the adjustable loop splice or the integrated soft shackle.

We also offer connecting-splices to connect different types of rope to each other, for example:

  • Cable to laid or braided ropes
  • Cable to modern ropes made of core and cover

We also offer to splice your existing shackles into sheets, halyards or trim-lines.

We also offer to come aboard and splice your mainsheets to a German mainsheet system with an endless splice.

Feel free to contact us, and we will send you an offer for our splicing works, meeting your needs.

Talk to us, we will send you an offer for splicing work for your needs.

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