Tactix Yachtiung Solutiuons sells high quality ropes for all needs on Bord for boats and yachts of all sizes.

We sell halyards, sheets, trimm-lines and mooring lines by the meter, in complete reels or tailor made to your needs with high quality handmade splicing works.

Of course we also consult you about which material in which diameter fits best for the task that you buy it for.

Even the most high tech sails with the minimum stretch will not lead to a good performance if they are operated with low quality ropes.

Halyards, sheets and trimm-lines should have a very low stretch  to prevent the trimm changing when a gust hit the sails. Beside of the low stretch it is especially for sheets and trimm-lines important that they offer a good grip and run smooth through blocks and can take the extended wear and tear on winches.

Mooring lines are the complete opposite, the should have a good amount of stretch to balance out swell in the harbor to reduce the forces and loads that apply to the mooring cleats.

In the Tactix Onlineshop we offer a brought selction of high quality ropes from world leading producers.

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Splicing works

For  all ropes sold by us we also offer our Splicing, Whipping and rigging Service Service.

Especially in modern high tech ropes such as Dyneema or Vectran and proper splice is the

only sensful method to keep the high break loads.

Knots and especially the bowline knot will reduce the break load of the rope up to 60%.

A good plice in comparrision to a knot will remain up to 96% of the ropes break load.

Tactix Yachting Solutions offers the following splicing works:

  • Eye-Splice, with or without shackles in single braided and double braided ropes
  • Tapering Splicees – for tapered halyards or sheets.
  • Endless splices – e.g. for furling lines
  • Spliced shackles e.g. dyneema shackles in standard length or custom made
  • Rope to wire Splice e.g. Halyards made from wire