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Tactix Yachting Solutions was founded by the ambitioned regatta sailor Lars Lensing-Hebben in 2008.

The name “Tactix” was taken from a regatta software for racing yachts, which was developed by Lars Lensing-Hebben’s brother and friends in the mid 90’s.

Today Tactix Yachting Solutions stand on three solid legs, Consultant, Sales & Service, which go hand in hand with each other. This is what gives our customers the real value of a integral support.

Starting from helping you find the right boat, sails, electronic or rigging-technic, up to selling, delivering and installation, Tactix Yachting Solutions covers every aspect of possible services.

Adding on, Tactix offers the possibility to accompany you with experienced regatta sailors from the Tactix Crewpool. With these you can fill up your usual line-up, or start with a complete Tactix crew for your next regatta.

Our services are not limited to regatta sailors, of course we also like to help cruising sailors. Next to our knowledge, we also deliver every equipment from autopilot to tell-tales.

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